Biff, sort, organise your stuff

This is the most important step. In our modern consumeristic society we are surrounding with stuff, stuff, and more stuff its epidemic. Everywhere we look we are encouraged to have more.

Clutter fatigue

When you feel overwhelmed and as if you just never seem to get anything done, thats when you could be suffering from clutter fatigue. You miss opportunities, you start working late, your energy levels drop, you may get depressed. You make excuses instead of acknowledging you need help or that you just need to stop what you are doing and clean up!

Clutter is about incompletions unfinished cycles of action. In the context of past, present and future, unfinished cycles of action keep you in the past, clutter your present and hinder you from producing the results you want in your future.

Symptoms of clutter in your life may produce the following results;

  • Missed appointments, messages and deadlines
  • Unproductive tasks a feeling of not achieving anything, going around in circles
  • Shallow personal relationships not having quality time with family and friends.
  • Lack of self-esteem as we dont like ourselves for being disorganised.

Letting go is liberating!

Many of us are guilty of holding onto stuff that we could let go of. However understanding why we are holding onto our clutter helps to us move it.

In the declutter-experts world many professional organisers have identified the following types of clutter:

  • Nostalgic or memory clutter consisted of relics of our past.
  • Self-righteous conservation clutter items that no longer work but could be altered, changed added to another item.
  • Bargain clutter came from buying unnecessary sale items.
  • Freebee clutter included all unused gifts, hand me downs and giveaways.
  • Research or collections clutter particularly hard to get rid ofinformation we have collected that is of interest and we know it is of value, and that we will useful one day.
  • Mental clutter the busy mind, full of the mental notes.

Use that attached checklists to help you work through the declutter process.

The best way to get rid of clutter is to ask a friend to help or engage a professional organiser to help you.

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