Focus on Systems

Definitions (Oxford English Dictionary)

System (noun) a set of things that are connected or that work together, orderliness.

Process (noun) a series od actions that are done to achieve a particular end.

Routine (noun) the order and way in which you regularly do things.

Tools (noun) a thing that helps you do your job

Good systems will Save YourSelf time, Energy and Money.

A well-designed system will support you, so that you are well organised.

When you have a mini-crisis of the cant find kind drama (panic, anger whats your drama button) increases is an indication that you systems are not working for you. An absence of drama means your systems are working for you.

I work with my clients to establish what they systems and tools that will support them. They no-longer experience the hit-and-miss affair they can go straight to the information they want for their meting or the project they are working on. They leave the chaos behind, feel in control of their life and experience peace of mind.

You can too by following some of my simple principles and rules.

Get started

I like to use the following equation:

System = Tools + Rules + Habits

Remember it doesnt matter whether you use paper or electronic systems and tools, the principles remain the same.

Principle #1: Stand back and analyse what do you want to manage?

Manage your time

Manage your activities

Manage your contacts

Manage your notes

Manage your documents

Manage your emails

Principle #2: Next what are the tools that suit you to do these things?

Time management diary, calendar,

Activity management to-do lists, checklists, project and productivity tools

Contact management business card folders, email contacts, special systems

Note management spiral notebooks, electronic applications

Document management files and folder systems paper, electronic online and offline

Email management follow-ups, using automatic mechanisms

Principle #3: Choose wisely, use one system and tool for each job and learn how they work for you.

Sound obvious? Many people dont take the time and quickly change to another system or tool because they think its not working for them, and end up with their important stuff everywhere in various different places.


Here are 5 golden rules for setting up good supporting systems

Rule # 1: Ensure there is a home for everything.

Rule # 2: Apply the KISS principle. Keep it simple sweetie.

Rule # 3: Think big picture develop a system framework

Rule # 4: Keep your desk clear for action not storage.

Rule # 5: Match your paper and electronic systems for consistency.

Shake, Rattle and Roll

With Wellington's recent earthquake it is timely to make sure you are prepared.

Do you have a household emergency plan?

Do you have a get away kit and emergency survival items ready?

Here at Get Organised I have put together an important key documents checklist to make sure you have these ready.
Click here

Manage your notes

Most people know about Evernote, and I also recommend it as a tool to capture and organise all those interesting things that we cannot keep in our heads.

Helpful workflow tools

I use Trello.

It is a collaboration tool that organizes your projects into boards. In one glance, Trello tells you what's being worked on, who's working on what, and where something is in a process. Made in New York City by Fog Creek Software.

Click on picture below ...

Create a kit you can grab quickly

Homes can be repaired. Belongings can be replaced. But tracking down important financial paperwork isn't something you want to worry about in a crisis.

You may not have time to sort through documents in an emergency, so you need to be prepared. The New Zealand Civil Defence Website has some good practical advice help you get organized before disaster strikes.

You should create your disaster kit in a portable file box, storing it in an easy-to-access location so you can grab the box on your way out the door. While many records can be replaced, chasing them down - especially if you're trying to rebuild your home or if you're displaced for an extended period of time - can be a hassle.


Recently this link came across my path regarding looking after the important personal digital items that we collect, eg photos, videos and other special family documents.

It was put together by the National and State Libraries of Australasia in an easy to follow format.

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