Get Organised - Seasonal Planner for the Southern Hemisphere

Do you feel overwhelmed at all that you need to do and want to do?

Is it a struggle to get things finished?

Have you made new year’s resolutions and never achieved them?

This planner aligns your activities and tasks to the southern seasonal calendar, which means it starts in winter, being June, and spreads them across the year. Working with the energy of the seasons rather than against it could be the answer to you successfully achieving your goals.

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Book Price $20 (including gst)

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Now I don’t recall writing yoga on a ladder while singing with a paintbrush in my planner but here I am in Autumn 2020 because in spring of 2019 I wrote heal my home and garden. Actually, the first few entries are so disorganized that my thoughts spilled onto the page like that of a daydreaming doodler.

I absolutely love this book in so many ways. Firstly, I would like to say AMENE. A planner that is in alignment with Aotearoa’s seasons with wellbeing models that many of us are familiar with and bringing ancient wisdom into the present with fun quirky languaging, ideas and recipes.

I have to say that when the pandemic hit I was well prepared because I had already started organizing my life and was already well ahead on a project started in the Summer. Lockdown granted me an extension to finish.

Be warned because this planner has you doing things including the formatting of ideas. I looked back through my pages and found that even my entries had become more succinct. I have already gifted two planners.

Heather Blissett

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