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Diane Weatherhead

RIM Consultant, Coach, Author

As a RIM consultant I have over 20 years’ experience in the records and information management industry and established Empress Consultancy in 1992, and Get Organised in 2014. During this time I have worked with many clients from different sectors within government, private and iwi.

My skill range includes:

  • Project management and planning,
  • Leadership and management of project teams,
  • Analysis and research skills,
  • Design of classification schemes and system processes, and
  • Development and delivery of training programmes.

My expertise includes knowledge of:

  • Public Records Act 2005
  • Incorporated Societies
  • XRB Reporting Standards

I am flexible, creative and a strategic thinker with a friendly and professional approach, which enables me to developing an easy rapport and gaining trust with the people I work with which facilitates the transfer and sharing of ideas and skills.

Recently I had the honour of caring for my mother and I learnt the value of being personally well-organised. I needed my home to support me so that I could get out and be of support to my Mum.

This journey took me to helping individuals improve their lives by using the same principles of planning, clearing the clutter, systemising and maintenance, that can be applied both to themselves and in their homes.

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