Happy Clients

Productivity workshop

Thank you kindly Diane for sharing your knowledge and expertise with us yesterday. I am implementing the things you taught us into practice straight away and look forward to bringing my dreams into reality each day, ’one bite at a time’ as I put these principles into action. 

I am grateful to the abundance that is available Universally to us through each other’s gifts and talents. By sharing your vast skill and knowledge base in the most fun, thorough, relaxed and loving way that you go about it, you have inspires me to ‘clean house’ and no doubt I will see my way around much clearer and easily as a result.


Wardrobe workshop

“Thank you very much for your presentation on Saturday night. As a result of hearing your talk I have completely emptied my wardrobe into my spare room and I am interviewing all my clothes to see which ones get to go back in there. ( I am doing it slowly…it might take some time.) It was an amazing feeling…and I am pretty sure less than 50% will make it back.

Your talk was inspiring, helpful and very entertaining. You made it sound very do able and not at all daunting. I have had lots of positive feedback. The women were relieved that they don’t have to go out and buy an expensive system! I heard someone say she was going to apply the same principles to other areas in her house.”


Home office transformation

I can easily walk to the shelves to get what I want without breaking my neck.

When a client rings it impresses them when I can respond quickly to their query, which makes them feel special. My office has been transformed into a better space and I no longer dread working in it. The small drawer system works really well for all my stationery.

We all think that we are going to tidy up but we never to it – we need the motivator to push us to get it done. I have a sense of freedom of being well-organised, I have a clearer mind, I am more efficient. I can cope with more work without feeling stressed.

The journey from where I was to now is so much better it was worth the time and effort.


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